The Barcelona Institute of Architecture (BIArch) is an international institution set up to further interaction between academic research, specialized practice and the cultural dissemination of contemporary architecture. Occupying a space midway between schools of architecture and professional praxis, BIArch is an open laboratory for professionals and researchers that aims to promote new ways of thinking and acting for a technological, energy and economic reality in permanent flux.
The Barcelona Institute of Architecture is backed by a public-private foundation made up of economic, professional, academic and political institutions with the objective of continuing and extending the action-based discourse that has characterized architecture and urban planning practice in contemporary Barcelona. The Barcelona Institute of Architecture sets out to become a meeting point that is a reference for central architectural discussions and practices in the globalized world.

*no se si alguien conocía ya el lugar pero para mi es un nuevo descubrimiento.... Las definiciones suenan a muy bien pero poco más se. si alguien sabe, comunique.
de momento el martes a las 8 en la Pedrera Lectura Abierta,

BIArch Open Lecture
Toni Gironès


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