The Re-Creation
of the European City:
“Urban Shopping List” for
Secondary Cities. By Beatriz Ramo/STAR

"The following pages are meant to give a general idea of the elements that
are shaping cities today. Cities of today have the same needs as those of
hundreds of years ago: communication and representation. They need to be connected
and they need to be attractive. The elements that provide these necessities
change and evolve through time. I see the European City as an evolving
system of re-invention of the res publica. However, today the shape of the
city is not designed solely by architects, but also by developers and multinational
companies. What once the Roman roads meant for communication is
represented by Ryanair today. The cult and veneration that temples received
centuries ago, is these days being given to Superstar Architecture. Will Ikea
be the latest step in two thousand years of evolution of the Agora?(...)".

*Este es el principio de uno de los muchos artículos que se pasean por la revista MONU (o MUDOT · hay una transformación del nombre y no he logrado saber alguien lo descubre, sean bienvenidas las noticias).

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