Chatarstvi · Czech summerhouses
Veronika Zapletalova

When using the English language, Czechs usually refer to their chata as a "summer house", a "weekend house" or a "countryside house". Non of these is an exact definition. The Czech chata is, in fact a simple, small, out of town dwelling, often improvised and self build by it's owners. The first chata appeared before the second world war but the vast of majority of chata's were build during the gloomy years of communism in Czechoslovakia, at a time when people could not own real estate property in towns and cities, they were allowed to build their own, semi / official houses on small lots, sometimes close to recreation areas, forests and rivers and always far away from the day gray reality of life in concrete housing estates. At a time when totalitarian economy and architecture dictated uniformity and dullnes, build one's own chata was a rare chance to reflect individuality. Chata's and chata-going became something like a national sport in Czechoslovakia.

*este proyecto se me apareció paseando por la exposición de Post-it city.
autoconstrucción de recursos la bauticé. y me gustó claro.


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