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I'm so sorry. Goodbye
Tea House
The conjoined domes of I am so sorry. Goodbye. are inhabited by a guardian whose task it is to keep the stove lit, water boiled and visitors supplied with hibiscus tea. The guardian has the vocabulary of the words: I, am, so, sorry and goodbye. These words were first conveyed to us whilst staying in an old upmarket hotel on Alexandria's corniche. Late one night I received a call in which the only words that were said, by the slow doleful male foreign voice, were " I am so sorry sir... I am so sorry sir... Goodbye sir." After putting the phone down I felt witness to something I didn't fully understand, but felt that we had been given the task to pass on this cryptic message.
Ivan Morison, 2008

*Despacho de arquitectura, espacio de artistas, lugar de creadores, territorio de inventores..
Buscaba etiquetas pero no las he encontrado. Mejor.
Hay descubrimientos que alegran días.. este es uno.
Y journée des barricades y how to survive the coming bad years, i hate her o the land of cockaigne..
y un paseo por su página y ver que todo gusta...
+INFO: http://www.morison.info/

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