David Mastalka · A1 ARCHITECTS

Circular teahouse built from oak and burnt larch wood in Prague, Czech Republic, was created through a collaboration between David Maštálka from A1 Architects and sculptor Vojtech Bilisic.

"The Teahouse as a typological kind follows the Japanese tradition of minimizing space and is intended as place the meet with guest at a cup of tea. I am not an orthodox worshiper of the tea cult, however I am very interested in the theme of it being a place to gather with friends."

"The inner walls are constituted on one side by a view of the garden and on the other a clay parget. Guests set themselves down on the matt and the hearth is welded black steel. The dome laminated within is pasted with paper, through which light shines and invitingly illuminates the space inside."

+INFO:http://www.a1architects.cz/index.php?level=architektura (el estudio) http://www.archdaily.com/26964/teahouse-a1-architects/

*por fuera no palpito pero al interior lo apadrino..

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