Beijing-based artist Yin Xiuzhen's Portable Cities series are models of cities inside suitcases, made using the old clothes that city's residents. In her practice, she explores issues of globalization and homogenization, but also memory and transience.

Urbanization is a seminal part of Yin's daily life and is often a focal point of her work.

She says that "people in our contemporary setting have moved from residing in a static environment to becoming souls in a constantly shifting transience. … The suitcase becomes the life support container of modern living … the holder of the continuous construction of a human entity." She interjects the personal and the vernacular as an intervention against a growing global culture.

*Una piensa que al llevar dos meses enloquecida buscando vacios urbanos por el mundo internaútico inevitablemente se encontrará un día sin más información. Con el vacio real. Pero no. Y sigue descubriendo cosas de las que no hacen falta ni explicaciones. Que dicen "mira, significo" y tu miras y entiendes. Señorita Yin Xiuzhen mis felicitaciones.

+INFO: http://www.spaceandculture.org/2010/01/28/portable-cities/

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