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*Hola. De retorno con el colectivo URBZ de Bombay. Bueno ver mismas inquietudes en lugares aparentemente tan diferentes. Al final, todo ciudades, todo espacios sobre los que pensar.

URBZ facilitates the production and exchange of information, knowledge, ideas and practices towards better cities for all.

We organize participatory workshops, designs adaptable structures and develops web tools for urban communities and practitioners.

User-generated Cities!

URBZ believes that residents are experts in their neighbourhoods. Their everyday experience of the places where they live and work constitute an essential knowledge for planning and urban development.

For policy-makers, urban planners, architects and real-estate developers, accessing this knowledge is the best possible way to enhance the quality and impact of their work. Understanding a locality from the point of view of those who inhabit it improves the chances of success of a project at several levels:

+INFO: http://urbz.net/

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