* Para hoy, después de este fin de semana de 3 días, Rural Studio. Aunque los resultados formales no son mi máximo el proyecto me gusta mucho.
The Rural Studio is an undergraduate program of the School ofArchitecture at Auburn University. We have been in Hale Countyfor 17 years. We are committed to the people and the place andwe take long–term responsibility for the work we do, both goodand bad. Every project you see on this website was designed and built bystudents 18-24 years old and was paid for by donations and grantsfrom someone like you. We hope the Rural Studio offers a positive critique of how weteach, procure, and make architecture. Rural Studio is a registered trademark of Auburn University.

"Fine architecture is usually reserved for wealthy patrons or grand civic spaces. But in 1993, Auburn University Professor Samuel Mockbee set out to change that. He founded The Rural Studio, which guides students in the design and construction of homes and community spaces in economically depressed Hale County, Alabama. The Rural Studio Film captures this innovative program’s vision of architecture as a social art form capable of raising the human spirit. This contextual-based learning philosophy seeks to transcend race and class and in the process changes the lives both student and client".


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