PETER RICH · Mapungubwe Interpretation Center

*Lo reconozco. Soy una vendida de todo lo que sea adobe, piedras y palos.

Peter Rich... quieres casarte conmigo?

Te perdonaré los pequeños sustos que me has dado, haré ver que no ví la casa azul ni la piscina blanca y nos centraremos en el barro...

Explica su página que...

"The Mapungubwe National Park celebrates the site of an ancient trading civilization in the context of a natural setting. The complex landscape was both the inspiration for the design and the source of the materials for the construction of the new Interpretation Centre, resulting in a composition of structures that are authentically rooted to their location. The building is visually contained by two hollow cairns that evoke route-markers found in Southern African cultures. Timbrel vaulting is used to construct billowing forms that expose the arched edges of their thin shells, an analogy of the archaeological revelation of past cultures."


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