PACKED by Min Chieh, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi

Aparece por Dezeen.
Me gusta.
Es cartón.

Cuentan (esta es la explicación breve pero boyante.. la de dezeen -+ abajo- está mejor)..

Packed pavilion takes CAAD drawing to its limits at the exhibition 3D paperArt, part of the final leg of the Shanghai World Expo.

A number of students (Min Chieh Chen, Dominik Zausinger and Michele Leidi) from the Computer Aided Architectural Design Master’s course at the ETH in Switzerland have devised a cardboard pavilion with the help of computer technology. The pavilion is situated outside the Shanghai Museum of Arts and Crafts as part of the exhibition 3D paperArt at the World Expo.

The structure features a number of variable truncated cones made from corrugated cardboard, which were glued together and fastened with tie wraps. The 409 cones that make up the pavilion each have a different size, fitting together like a puzzle to form a network of circles.

The overall goal of the pavilion is to demonstrate how architects can use CAAD to customize the design process. Here, each step was optimized by selfmade computers, from design to production, packing and shipping.


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  1. joder1 que bueno!
    cuanta materia gris en buena forma!

  2. oh... realmente no me aclaro con los comentarios... respondí a tu cuanta materia gris preguntándome un abrumador o inspirador y alguna historia más y por allí se perdió...

    pero si... cuanta cuanta!


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