EAMES: The architect and the painter · Pelicula de Jason Cohn y Bill Jersey*


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De momento el trailer...
Película de Jason Cohn y Bill Jersey

Ya cuentan muchos... por ejemplo:

La página de Denver Film Festival...

"2011, 81 Minute Running Time 
World Premiere 
Genre/Subjects: Art, Documentary

The Architect and the Painter is the first film about Charles and Ray Eames since their deaths and the only film to peer inside their collaboration, their marriage and the “Renaissance studio” they created in a gritty warehouse in Venice, CA. Narrated by James Franco, the film draws from a trove of archival material, primarily the stunning films and photographs produced in mind-boggling volume by Charles, Ray, and their staff during the hyper-creative forty years of the Eames Office. Family members and design historians help guide the story, but it is in interviews with the junior designers swept into the “24-7” world of “The Eamery,”, that a fascinatingly complex picture of this husband and wife creative team really emerges. Slated to screen on PBS’ American Masters Dec. 19, 2011". 

ATENCIÓN a la página de la película...

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