People's Meeting Dome · A deconstructed geodesic dome · Kristoffer Tejlgaard y Benny Jepsen


Me gusta.


We proposed a system of nodes in steel, nodes that connected with wood can build the complex lattice structure. A skeleton to cover as a tent, but also to be permanent and point towards new ways of building.

The system is designed so that it is possible to vary the skeleton. It can beadapted to the given parameters, disassembled and placed in a new design, withnew parameters.

The column-free lattice structure allows great freedom for interior and facade design. Windows and openings can be placed freely and no interior walls need tobe load bearing. The dome on Bornholm had a building envelope like a tent, butthe skeleton might as well be the supporting structure in a fully insulated house

+INFO: Benny Jepsen (atención que gusta) Kristoffer Tejlgaard
atención a este proyecto:

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