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Partiendo de la basura dirección arriba...

GULBAHAO es una pequeña ONG local de Pakistán.
Nargis Latif la potente mujer que hay detrás.

Proyecto bueno.

Cuentan en algún lugar que ahora he perdido:

In a city that generates almost 8,000 tonnes of garbage but recycles hardly 800 tonnes in reportedly 400 recycling units in Karachi, it was largely through her efforts that the kabari business evolved as a lucrative industry as she created awareness regarding separating “recyclable waste for monetary gains”. Nargis met hundreds of scrap dealers and offered good money for their garbage that included plastic bags, glass, cardboard, metal, paper, etc. This, Nargis claims, was also a turning point for the kabaris who changed their mindset towards garbage disposal.

The bought garbage was raw material for experimentation and innovation for the staff at Gulbahao.

Gulbahao`s recycled products include many interesting inventions. Instant compost made from wet garbage `vegetable and fruit peels and leaves are ground, then dried to make organic compost.` Or the mobile toilet `is a big-sized carton that can be used as a cubicle for the purpose of a toilet or bathroom on unpaved ground;` it can also be folded and kept aside. Paaki Paani is another invention as `used transparent plastic or glass bottles filled with tap water are kept in the sun for a couple of hours (three hours at the maximum) to get water that is germ-free, yet retains the mineral content`.

In 2005, Gulbahao offered pre-fabricated low-cost housing to the homeless in the far flung earthquake stricken areas, calling them `Chandi Ghar` made from Was-tic blocks. These blocks are made from dry raw material compressed into wooden frames that serve as alternate building material, even “portable furniture and cushions”.



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