Intervenciones urbanas reunidas.....

Felice Varini, Haas&Hahn, Frédéric Lebain, Krystian Truth Czaplicki, L/B,Etienne Boulanger, Kamila Szejnoch, Posterchild y suma y sigue...
Yo no lo he visto por ninguna librería de Barcelona pero seguro que anda suelto por ahí.
Publicado en marzo de 2010.

 Dicen los señores de Gestalten

This book is a striking collection of the personal, often playful and thought-provoking installations in urban environments that use and react to walls, traffic signs, trees, ads, and any and all elements of the modern city. It is the first book to document these very current art projects – as well as their interplay with fine art, architecture, performance, installation, activism and urbanism – in a comprehensive way.

This perceptive work brings art to the masses and helps us to rediscover our every day surroundings. It challenges us to question if the cities we have are the cities we need while adding a touch of magic to mundane places and situations.

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