FOUNDation · Arquitecturas reencontradas*

* Lo de siempre... descubro nuevas construcciones collage y me da la alteración y me digo que ya es hora de coger taladros y tornillos y empezar aunque sea por una casa para mi perro inexistente. Y no me lanzo. Y me digo que ya llegará. Claro que llegará...

FOUNDation se inauguraron el año pasado en el Desing Festival de Milán y me gustan sus brutalistas collages...

* FOUNDation, a concept by Rikkert Paauw and Jet van Zwieten is about collecting waste material and old furniture from the neighborhood, moving it to a waste container, reusing it to turn it into a small house (with the container as the foundation), to become a temporary meeting place for neighbors and passers-by. During the project, graphic designer Jet van Zwieten will give shape to a public journal that shows the progress and tells the story of the found material and its contributors. This site-specific and investigative approach to design and public space leaves room for unexpected local input and cooperation.


FOUNDation Milan April 2010 from Hein Lagerweij on Vimeo.

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